How to have a dream wedding even without a wedding planner


My big goal is that my bridal couples all experience a dream wedding. With my unique guidelines and resulting conceptual approach, you can create your own individual dream wedding with me as your wedding planner or independently with my wedding workshops, completely independent of budget.

It's your day and every bride and groom wants their guests and themselves to remember the most beautiful day of their lives for years to come. You will think back on how easy, structured and joyful you approached the planning and how you felt on your wedding day, happy and completely relaxed.

These five top tips will help you organise your dream wedding.

1. unique concept for your dream wedding.

You are probably wondering what exactly a dream wedding has to have in order to be a dream wedding, right? A dream wedding can be organised anywhere, whether on the beach, in a city, on a TV tower, on a mountain, in a forest or whether it is a dream wedding in a castle, the important thing is that the concept is completely tailored to it. 

Dream Wedding, Candles, Rose
Organise your dream wedding yourself

An example to make it clear. Let's say you are planning a princess dream wedding, wow great idea, but remember that here you really need to pay attention to the details. Just having the idea of a process wedding is not enough. If the organisation is not aligned with this, it will end up looking more intentional than actually dreamy.

Having a good structure when planning your dream wedding is important.

When I plan weddings, I first have to know the exact wishes and work out the concept before I start to work out the structure of the planning with my guide. Depending on what kind of wedding you have in mind, I can determine the structure. For each themed wedding, the structure is different because more needs to be taken into account.

As a wedding planner, I would like to give you a good tip: establish a good planning structure, because this is the most important thing to avoid planning mistakes, not to forget anything and to pay attention to every important detail at such dream weddings.

3. a dream wedding needs a timetable.

A good timetable is essential for a dream wedding, as it determines the whole day's schedule and guarantees a smooth flow. I'll be honest, the timetable is one of the last and easiest things to create. But here comes a very big BUT: A good timetable is the result of proper planning.

If the organisation of a dream wedding, whether it is a beach wedding, mountain wedding, in a castle, on a meadow or a dream wedding on holiday, is not planned properly from the beginning, a planning error is pre-programmed and cannot be corrected afterwards. 

Weddings need a good schedule

4. a dream wedding location must be fancy. 

I think the example of a processional wedding was well chosen, as many of you here can imagine it. Under this motto, the wedding location is already quite clear and should be held in a castle or on an estate.

When talking about a princess dream wedding, the first thought is a castle, the second, third and fourth thoughts are extravagant, classic, dreamy and romantic, so choosing a normal inn or barn would be totally inappropriate.

If you would like to get married in an unusual barn, it will certainly be a dream wedding, but the theme should be different and coordinated with it. Clearly, barns and princesses' dream weddings just don't go together. 

Dream wedding location
Location for dream weddings in a castle with castle arches

5. the wedding dress for a dream wedding.

Which is the right dream wedding dress is not so easy to answer. Several things play a role at the same time. The best tip I can give you is that your dream wedding dress must definitely match the style of your dream wedding.

A wrongly chosen wedding dress can ruin a lot, instead of being one of the highlights of your fairytale dream wedding. 

Princess wedding dress

An extra from Katha: What I can share with you from my experience.
As you may know, after my extreme event manager and wedding planner years in Ireland, England and Italy, I needed a little break from event management. After this time, I returned to the hotel and catering industry in the service sector.

As a restaurant manager and sommelière, I still attended many weddings and unfortunately noticed a lot of things that went wrong during the planning phase. Unfortunately, it was already too late to intervene to save anything.

How you can plan your dream wedding, no matter what budget, avoid cost traps, avoid planning mistakes at the beginning and finally enjoy your wedding to the fullest, you will learn in my wedding online course. Book your place now and take the first step towards your dream wedding.

Secure your place now in my wedding online course 

I look forward to meeting you in person.

All the best, your Katha

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