Oh my God, I'm getting married


Oh my God, I'm getting married! But how do I plan my wedding? My 5-step guide shows you step by step how to plan the perfect wedding right from the start.

You got engaged? Congratulations. And now everything's going in circles? You don't know where to start with the planning? Perfectly normal. Because there are literally 1,000 things to think about for a wedding. It's not only important to think of everything, but also the right order.

I know, dear brides, that you would love to run out and buy your DREAM Gown and book the venue. Unfortunately, these are the most common planning mistakes. The dress comes later, even much later. So first things first:

1. the budget

The absolute first consideration should be what budget you have available. You can create a magical wedding with any budget, it is important to always keep in mind how much each item (food, drinks, music, dress, etc.) may cost so that nothing is out of line.

So if I have, for example, € 15,000 at my disposal, the dress should not cost € 5,000. If I want to celebrate with 120 guests, I have to be aware that I have to calculate at least around € 50,- per guest for the food.

2. the guests

Who would you like to invite, who are your guests? Write a list of all the guests you would like to invite. This list determines the size of your wedding and thus also provides a selection criterion for the location. You want to invite 100 guests and get married in the Caribbean at the same time, is that even possible? 

Wedding Table Decoration in Red and Gold Cutlery

Date 3

My tip here is to fix yourself to a very specific date by hook or by crook. Most brides are desperate for a summer wedding. Very few think about the difficulties, dangers and complications. For example, the holiday season, heat, several weddings on the same day or the desired service providers are often fully booked. 

4. the location

Where should the celebration take place? Yes, this is a particularly important step to take before you can start planning the details. Budget, theme and guests already determine a lot here. With these details (e.g. € 15,000, traditional costume wedding, 100 guests) you start looking for the right event location.


5. registry office, church, free wedding ceremony

Now you are thinking about how you want to get married: in church or only in a civil ceremony, or both, or is a free wedding also an option?

Here are a few experiences: If you want to have a civil and a church wedding, it is more stressful for you, but it is also more cost-saving to do everything on the same day. If you get married on two days, it is more comfortable for the guests. On the big day, you can use the extra time to celebrate more.

Bridal Shoes and Slippers

Of course, I have only mentioned the most important key points, but there are still 1,000 more details to be clarified.

Yes, we're getting closer to the dress ☺ Next up is the save-the-date cards. I'll tell you what they are and why you should definitely send them in my next blog. And if you want to know even more details, such as how to create a proper wedding budget plan or why the colour of the suit plays an important role, you can find out in a wedding workshop. Click here for the dates.

All the best
your Katha 


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