Wedding Workshop what is it?


Bride and groom have fun at the Wedding Workshop in Bregenz and can soon take the planning into their own hands.

In love, engaged and soon to be married? Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Now it's time to start planning the perfect wedding and the questions are coming thick and fast:

On the mountain, by the lake or in your own garden? Who do we invite? With or without children? Do we want a theme? Which rings, which dress, ...? And how does everything fit into the budget? In my DIY workshop for bridal couples, I will give you a guide based on 18 years of experience as an event and wedding planner. Step by step and relaxed towards the wedding of your dreams. Find out more about what to expect in the workshop:

We meet near you

Under strict Corona regulations, we meet at a venue near you. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., we'll take our time to discuss the right wedding planning. In several blocks with enough breaks for conversations and fresh air, you will get a lot of important information and tips from my wedding professionals and me. 

Lots of info from the wedding planner

The biggest block of the Wedding Workshop will be done by myself. My lecture will cover the following topics: guidelines, budget plan, timetable, checklist and how to create an individual wedding concept. Step by step, I explain how to plan your dream wedding yourself without overlooking anything important. For each topic there will be stories of experience, tips and suggestions on how to make it happen at your wedding. I will talk about these topics: Guests, location, timing, type/style/motto of the wedding, budget, food and drinks, flowers and decorations, guest favours, bride and groom décor, logistics and even more. You are welcome to ask questions during the talk and of course during the breaks. Don't hesitate to ask me, I have an answer to every wedding question. 

Wedding Workshop in Bregenz that's how it was

Find your service providers

I will tell more about some topics, others I will only touch on. The reason for this: In the second and third part of the workshop, different service providers will have their say and tell you in more detail what to look for when choosing, planning and deciding on wedding details. Photographer, make-up artist, florist, bridal and menswear designer, jeweller, cake designer, graphic designer. A colourful potpourri of expertise awaits you. And if you like one or the other service provider, the search is already over for you. Your advantage: In my years as a wedding planner, I have already worked with many of them and, after a thorough examination of the service quality, I only invite those I would also book for my wedding. 

Wedding Workshop presentations by various service providers

Lots to see and a whole package of perfect wedding planning

Of course, all the service providers will also bring something to look at, try on and get to know: Wedding dresses, invitation cards, cakes to taste or bridal bouquets to touch. All this awaits you. In addition, you will receive a beautiful folder filled with guidelines, a budget plan, a timetable, a checklist and lots of information from the various service providers. For perfect planning at home, to read up on and to contact at any time if you have any questions.

If you want to start planning your perfect wedding in a relaxed way, then click here for the next wedding workshop dates near you. I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

All the best, eure Katha

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