"Save the Date" cards


3 good reasons why you can't do without them when planning the perfect wedding

You have the date for the wedding and want a common thread to run through your romantic wedding? Then it's time for the save the date card. (You can find some templates at the end of this article).

Ideally, the save-the-date card should be sent 11 months to 1.5 years before the wedding. 

Yes, I too hear the voices of grooms who ask annoyed why you need such a thing at all if you are sending out an invitation anyway. Here is the answer to that question:


Save the date card modern on green envelope


1. why a save the date card?

Your invited guests want to celebrate with you. Informing wedding guests early is a must nowadays. But they can only do that if they find out as early as possible. After all, your friends' and relatives' calendars are also full of appointments, events, other weddings or planned holidays.

With a "Save the date" card, your wedding date will land safely and in good time in your guests' calendars.

It's easy to design and send your own personalised card. Find out how below.



2. the save-the-date card helps your guests with planning

Friends and relatives often come a long way for a wedding. Perhaps even to Italy. Or the wedding may last several days. Therefore, the guests should be able to plan well in advance.

Many guests combine such weddings with a longer holiday, arrive a few days earlier or stay longer afterwards. Most of them can't wait until your wedding. 


Maid of Honour Holds Save de Date Card 



3. so that you have more time for the details

Save-the-Date cards are not an invitation, but a kind of pre-invitation. This gives you more time for the actual invitation. Because if the guests know the place and date, it's good if the details of the day are only announced later with the invitation, about 3 months before the wedding. 

Caution: If the wedding takes place in another country or city, even more so in a popular holiday season, the invitation should be sent about 1 to 2 months after the save-the-date card with all the details.



An extra from Katha: Here you can find a save-the-date card template with a vintage look.

Dear bride and groom, there are so many different designs for save-the-date cards. Making your own save-the-date card is not as hard as you think. 

It's easy to design your personal save-the-date card online and pick out the right designs for you.

The easiest way to do this is with Canva , and the best thing is that you can have them printed right away on Canva or send them via WhatsApp, email, etc.

At the end of this post you'll find some templates on Canva for save-the-date cards in vintage and other looks. You can customise them quickly and easily. 

Personalized save the date cards are becoming more and more popular and your friends and family will be even more pleased if they are homemade and sent by mail the old fashioned way.

Yes, that is still the trend.

How a "Save-the-Date card can look like and what else there is to consider around the invitation to your wedding, I tell you in my wedding online course

All the best, your Katha


Save The Date Card Templates

If you need more choice, you can find even more Save the Date card templates on Canva. Use the search box to find even more.

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