Individual wedding planning

You want to leave the wedding planning in the hands of my team and me, so that you are free of worries on your wedding day? You want to remember all the beautiful moments after the wedding? You will, because your dream day was stress-free and perfectly planned.

When we take over the organization, you will enjoy your wedding from A to Z, celebrate and dance undisturbed, relax with your guests and the atmosphere, instead of worrying about problems that arise or breakdowns in the process.

No uncertainties

You want to make sure that your groomsmen and families also celebrate and are not constantly under pressure and are exhausted at the end of the day?

Uniqueness in the whole concept

Then it's time to call my team and me. We plan a dream wedding tailored to you and take care of the entire schedule.

We take complete responsibility and are responsible for coordination and communication.

Kathawedding Wedding Magic

If a problem arises during the wedding in the program, I am there for you and solve it without you noticing anything.

What you get

You get a complete all-round service for your dream wedding lasting several days. 

As a bride and groom, you should not be tied up with the organization on your wedding day. Your family, witnesses and friends should also be able to enjoy your big day together with you. 

That's why my team and I take full responsibility for the day and solve problems without you noticing.

What we will do


We look forward to seeing you

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