Find the right wedding service providers


Flowers, dress, hairstyle, rings, cake ... you need all that and more for a wedding.


But how do you find the right wedding service providers? When do you have to book them? And how do I recognise the really good ones? With these tips you will find the perfect service providers for your wedding.

Dear brides, for a successful wedding you have to think of many things. You also need to think about a number of service providers whose skills will make your wedding perfect. But before you think about any service provider, the following questions need to be answered:

  • What budget do we have available?
  • Who do I invite?
  • What kind of wedding do we want to have?
  • Where should the wedding take place?
  • When will the wedding take place?

In my Wedding Workshop you will learn more about the first steps in planning a wedding. Once these points have been clearly defined, you can start looking for the right service providers. Rule of thumb: the earlier, the better.


You need these service providers

You can do many things yourself for a wedding, e.g. the guest favours or the back wall for the photo station. But for many things you need a professional if you want it to be really beautiful and stress-free. I would never do without these service providers at a wedding: Location, photographer, make-up artist, florist, graphic designer, cake designer, DJ/band, bridal outfitter, jeweller.

Bridal couple with Mr and Mrs

How to find your wedding service providers

It is best to look for service providers near or in the region of your wedding venue. This not only saves expensive travel, but the service providers know the area. Take your time and look at the websites, Facebook or Instagram feeds. Ideally, you should look for 2 or 3 alternatives. Then you don't have to start the search all over again if the service provider of your choice is fully booked.


How to distinguish semi-professionals from full professionals

Lately, everyone who has a digital SLR camera is a photographer and all those who have a course in working with sugar fondant are cakedesigners. Even though there are many talented people among them, they are semi-professionals. 

At a wedding, however, it can be perfect and a real professional brings not only talent but also experience. If someone can bake you a wedding cake for € 150, he is certainly not a professional.


What happens when you don't listen to your wedding planner. 

Sometimes even real professionals fail when they are in the wrong place. I organised a wedding in the mountains and unfortunately the bride didn't listen to me. 

She really wanted to hire her best friend's photographer from Hamburg. He also came with a lot of extra costs for the flight and additional accommodation. As I suspected, the photographer couldn't cope with the special lighting conditions in the mountains. The photos were miserable, the bride and groom unhappy. Well, and the friendship of the bride and her best friend was ultimately damaged, and that's something we want to avoid at all costs. 

How to make the right choice of service providers, you will learn in my, wedding online course.

All the best, your Katha


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