The (pink)red wedding thread


How do we organise our wedding?

In the euphoria, one likes to put the cart before the horse. This means that bridal couples often worry about minor details, although fundamental things need to be clarified first. An important question, for example: Do you want a motto? Once that has been decided, many things fall into place - not everything, but a lot.  

Bride signs wedding certificate in city office

The red thread 

A motto does not have to be, but it does make sense. It can be a point of reference, or rather a "guideline". Once you have decided on a theme, many decisions are tied to it. For example, if you want a princess wedding, you won't choose a bouquet with dark red roses. And that brings us to the crucial point: if you want a theme, get it right. Because what I don't like is half-measures. 

Which wedding motto suits us? 

How serious am I when I say, "I'll stick to the motto?" I'm sure there are people who would say I'm dead serious about it. As dead serious as James Bond taking out the bad guys. Speaking of which, I once got to plan and attend a James Bond themed wedding. Plastic guns and theme songs are for beginners. At this wedding, the guests were "kidnapped" from the airport in a stretch limousine, the bride wore various dresses that would have made even Pierce Brosnan breathless and the Pope pale with shame. 

The moral ... 

... of the story: If you decide on a motto, it should be carried through from A to Z. Because there is nothing worse than having a theme that is then only half-heartedly implemented. I was invited to a few theme weddings myself, but in the end it was a mess. Nothing really went together and the guests made more fun of the implementation instead of appreciating all the work behind it. Many couples only know superficially about the theme and that is often the difficulty. The right structure in planning is essential. The right step-by-step planning helps you to plan the wedding successfully from beginning to end and to avoid planning mistakes. 

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