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Our wedding planning courses are now known throughout Germany. 

With 5 different variants, there's sure to be something for you. Watch this video to see what they can offer you.

Do you want to leave everything to me and my team? Then take a look at our

We help you

Most couples become overwhelmed by the scope or suddenly feel insecure at some point during the wedding preparation process. 

This won't happen to you, because with our modular solutions you get the necessary know-how, the tools and the support to maintain an overview at all times.

You will not ask yourselves...

Because you have...

what we offer

Our solutions offer you a tailor-made dream wedding with a relaxed and short preparation time.

Are you already in the middle of planning and know the problems of wedding planning? Then our solutions will lead you back to the good feeling. 

"Save the date" thus takes on a whole new meaning.

Guaranteed not a sales event.

4 reasons why your wedding planning with us will be a complete success

KathaWedding documents

Structures for your wedding that have been developed and proven over the years, such as guidelines, checklists, budgets, timetables, schedules and other wedding lists.

Personal support

Ask Katha and service providers your questions directly or even get personal attention. Over a century of accumulated expertise.

Experts near you

Selected service providers from the entire German-speaking region. Hundreds of experts with the highest quality and most pleasant cooperation.

Proven concept

The modular phase concept was developed over the course of more than a decade and has already been successfully applied at over 200 weddings.


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I am Katha and I would like to make your personal dream wedding possible

That's why I developed the modular phase concept and have been successfully using it throughout Europe for over 15 years. My team and I guarantee that your day will be truly special.

Why not come and visit us in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria)?


We have racked our brains over this for you over the last 15 years and tested several options.

That's why we decided against offering you a wedding planner with high costs. Not even a wedding planner book or just a wedding checklist as a PDF. 

This would not allow you to have a tailor-made wedding and would eventually lead to overload. 

In the worst case scenario, something will go very wrong on your Big Day because you couldn't take everything into account.

Our workshops offer you exactly the dream wedding you have always (perhaps unconsciously) wanted. And all this with short and cost-efficient preparation.


A 'save the date' card is really useful so that all your loved ones can reserve your wedding date and then be sure to be there.

However, if you send this out at the beginning of the wedding planning process, you will most likely be pressed for time or even have to send out a second (third?) one.

Don't worry, if you attend our workshop you will know exactly when it's time to send them out.

And since you only need 1-3 weeks of wedding preparation thanks to our workshop, there's plenty of time for a beautiful "save the date" card.

We know this from personal experience... We collect ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, from friends or relatives. 

This gives us real motivation and desire for a very specific thing. Then we search Google, Instagram or online shops for exactly these great ideas and in no time at all we have already spent 20% of our budget on wedding items and wedding accessories.

We help you to bring in your great ideas, but also warn you of cost traps and suggest solutions or alternatives if necessary.

Book one of our workshops today

We are convinced that you will enjoy our wedding workshops. Start your wedding preparation together as a relaxed couple. It will even be a lot of fun!



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